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Stage Manager and ASM

Stage Manager and ASM


The Stage Manager is responsible for ensuring that we have a set to perform on and for ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the night. In some shows this can be a large undertaking so the Stage Manager will often have an Assistant Stage Manager (ASM). As Stage Manager you will need to be prepared to do the following;

· Liaise with the Set Designer about the building of the set

· Organise materials to build any new items (often done by whomever is building)

· Organise people for any preparatory set building that is required prior to the production

· Ensure any new set is fireproofed

· Source any furniture that is required

· Arrange transport for scenery and furniture

· Source any special effects (e.g. smoke machines, pyrotechnics etc..)

· Mark up script with cues

· Manage any stage crew during the performances

· Co-ordinate the setting out and removal of chairs

· Co-ordinate with Front of House for clearance

· Co-ordinate the start of the show with the technical crew