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Musical Director

Musical Director


The Musical Director is responsible for the direction of any singing, the music that accompanies the singing and any instrumental solos. As Musical Director you will need to work very closely with the Director and be prepared do the following;

· Work with the Director during the auditions and help select a cast

· Liaise with the Director throughout rehearsals

· Organise the pianist or other musicians, limitations of the SWF Village Hall make it preferable to use a pianist or recorded music

· Liaise with the producer on production requirements

· Liaise with the Sound Technician (Mics, Recorded music, levels etc)

· Give the Sound Technician plenty of notice of backing tracks that you require

· Ensure cast and crew are aware of your expectations

· With the Director organise the rehearsal schedule including extra rehearsals as required

· Prepare to support the director at any interview with local press or radio