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A Make-up artist is not needed very often as most members can cope with doing their own. Unless we need to change someone’s appearance (age them, add bruises etc.) there is also little required. Modern audiences are used to seeing people in electric light, so the days of slavishly working from a base of five and nine greasepaints has long gone. The role can be defined by the following requirements;

· Establish the make-up requirements

· Locate the groups make-up kit

· Replenish and purchase new items as necessary (don't forget make-up has to be removed as well as applied)

· Assist cast with the application of their make-up (some need more help than others)

· Arrive at venue early to ensure there is enough time to do everyone

· Encourage the actors to arrive early (if possible), as this will enable you to avoid last minute rushes

· Adjust any make-up, if required, during the performance

· Monitor supplies during the production week